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“Something very cool as per Millenial & GenZ Norms”


This is just an Articulation of my experience & learnings while interning as an U.X Designer at Newgen Software

Internship Duration: December 2020 — March 2021


In December 2020, I got the opportunity of working as an UX Design Intern at Newgen Software for the month of December 2020 which was later extended till March 2021.

The Internship consisted of 2 Projects: —
Accessibility Guidelines — Understanding WCAG 3.0 Draft, Comparing it to WCAG 2.2, it’s implementation, tools used for testing & practices of web usability in the Industry.
Screen U.I Designs & Usability Analysis — Analyzing Usability of a…

Memes & Mind

“Impact of internet memes on Mental Health & Business Marketing”

Note: Following is an articulation of all the insights gained while researching about Memes & Mind. The Article will be updated soon with a more quality study and research.

Internet memes are cultural phenomena that rapidly gain popularity and/or notoriety on the internet. Often, modifications or spoofs add to the profile of the original idea thus turning it into a phenomenon that transgresses social and cultural boundaries.on the internet, they are often used utilised as a means to incite a reaction on a mass scale, which has…

Prashant Singh

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